what appears to be a strange love of ritual

And so the rush of the first week of classes subsides. Sort of. I just composed what I hope was an eloquent treatise on how I adore medieval mysticism and would be a willing contributor to class, even though I would audit it, and stopped short of mentioning my color-coded excel spreadsheet of saints' relics. Probably a good thing.

But let's get serious. I'm obsessed with the Old(e?) Catholic Church, which is odd because I am not [a] Catholic or [b] a medieval cardinal, so why do I get so pleased as punch about relics? Look at that abbey, though - it's the Abbaye de Sénanque, in Provence, France, and apart from my nerd-radar loving it because it looks like Gondor, it's simply really neat looking. And Church-tastic, if I may say so.

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