things I love about DC

Today, in my quest to go to Arlington Cemetery for work, I got lost twice in Northeast attempting to find Rock Creek Parkway, and ended up accidentally driving through the Zoo.   Then I found it, actually rather accidentally, but fortunately, because it really is a lovely drive.  

There are parts of DC that I really like.  This is now one of them.  The trees were yellow-green-golden, and while driving it's twisting turning in a ravine with massive bridges spanning it, arches and old fashioned architecture.  Beautiful.  The road passes under the Kennedy Center, which reminded me of another of my favorite things, which is the terrace of the Kennedy Center.  It's so lovely, with the view of the Potomac and Teddy Roosevelt Island, and particularly in the right weather, it's just bliss.  The last time I was there was after the Jake Armerding show, and I could stare out at the view.

Hopefully I'll have photos soon, because they look beautiful.


quick update because I am tired and want to sleep

Wow, I am a terrible blogger recently.  Here is why:  I am in school.  It is far busier than I thought, and the mere fact that I am up at midnight-thirty, a fact which would normally not make me blink, is making me blink with sleepiness, and not to mention sadness at the fact that I have 3 fiction books but I am too tired to read any of them. 

All is well -- I gave a presentation that got good marks all around (though we have not yet received the actual marks, we are confident that we felt we presented a good product)

So it's been a very busy week/month(s).  Phew.  At least the weekend is coming up, but I am working at Arlington House for 8 hours this weekend, hopefully sewing a lot.  It means that I will have to refresh myself on antebellum / American Civil War era fashion (let's say late 1850s) which I am pretty good at, but have been confounded by stays and stomachers and robes à l'anglaise. 

...and now, to bed.  It is late, I must sleep, and possibly attempt to read un petit peu.  Oh, that reminds me, I have to choose an article to translate from Diderot's Encyclopédie.


lots of comics

So these past two weekends, I embraced my (not so) inner nerd, and went to two comic conventions.  Technically, the Baltimore Comic Con and SPX, the Small Press Expo.  Personally, I preferred the latter, but that's because even at BCC, I spent most of the time with the independent comic artists, and that is all SPX is!  Fantastic. 

I ended up meeting creators of some of my favorite comics, including Kate Beaton, David Malki!, Dresden Codak, Danielle Corsetto, A Softer World and some fabulous artists that I bought art from: Dave Perillo, Jonathan Case, David Peterson and a few others.  Wonderful.  Also I picked up a billion posters of DC Comic characters (free) a ring like the Flash, and things like that but I liked meeting all the artists better.  

As a result, I loved SPX.  It was funky, a younger crowd, less crowded, more tattoos, and everyone was totally sweet.  I had big long discussions with people about 18th century comics and things like that, and got Claire a sketch by Kate Beaton, whose history comics we both adore.

Here is all my swag!  If you click on the image, it'll take you to where I've put notes on what exactly things are.  Just know that they are all fabulous.

swaggy swag swag

The Mos Eisley picture -- which I love -- is now in my bathroom (which, incidentally, I am remodeling and photos will come shortly) and I am debating where to put the ROM SPACE KNIGHT (the Wraith Brides one) poster, as well as the Softer World print (far right).  We'll see. 

Phew!  Back to work.  I have been drowning (slowly) in reading, but so far it is all going well.