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Well, I have been away from the blogosphere, but now I'm back!  In the past few weeks, I went through Christian Science Class Instruction, which, in a nutshell, is an intensive two week class that teaches the basics of being a Christian Science practitioner.  It's long to explain, but there's a good explanation here, and this article explains the basics of a healing practice -- or just ask me any questions if you see me.

What was lovely -- apart from Class itself -- was the chance to spend two weeks, alone, in lovely St. Petersburg, Florida.  

This was my backyard:


There were these beautiful big banyan trees downtown. I biked down there a few times, then got a hold of a VW Beetle Convertible, and my speed increased dramatically.


On a beautiful day, I sat on this grass and stared up at the sky for ages.

where I sit

The neat thing about St. Pete is that it looks, in certain sections that I frequented, like a cross between Hawai'i and Balboa Island.  All the docks for boats, the wide sidewalks and edges over the water, all made me miss Balboa summers something fierce.  That, accompanied with the palm trees (of course there are palms in Balboa too) and the light humidity made me miss Hawai'i.

sunnier view of the harbor

I met this kid while biking along the Balboa section.  He pointed out a shark to me in the distant bay, told me how I could tell it was a shark, showed me the fish that he'd caught, took a heart out of the fish to show me, and then demonstrated how the dorsal fin on a Pinfish works (hinged!).  It was absolutely fantastic.

penfish & fisherman

evening on the bay

For the whole shebang of Floridian photographs, go to my flickr set.

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