quick update because I am tired and want to sleep

Wow, I am a terrible blogger recently.  Here is why:  I am in school.  It is far busier than I thought, and the mere fact that I am up at midnight-thirty, a fact which would normally not make me blink, is making me blink with sleepiness, and not to mention sadness at the fact that I have 3 fiction books but I am too tired to read any of them. 

All is well -- I gave a presentation that got good marks all around (though we have not yet received the actual marks, we are confident that we felt we presented a good product)

So it's been a very busy week/month(s).  Phew.  At least the weekend is coming up, but I am working at Arlington House for 8 hours this weekend, hopefully sewing a lot.  It means that I will have to refresh myself on antebellum / American Civil War era fashion (let's say late 1850s) which I am pretty good at, but have been confounded by stays and stomachers and robes à l'anglaise. 

...and now, to bed.  It is late, I must sleep, and possibly attempt to read un petit peu.  Oh, that reminds me, I have to choose an article to translate from Diderot's Encyclopédie.

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