adventures in surreality

Today, Amy and I headed into Old Town Alexandria to go shopping, and as we are walking by the town square Amy looked confused, and said "Hey!  Is that the Pillsbury Dough Boy?"

Yes.  Yes it was.

Wow.  Apparently it was the National Trademark Expo at the US Patent Office, and there was a guy dressed as a giant registered trademark sign, which was odd, but so was the juxtaposition of the two corporations represented by characters: Pillsbury & Microsoft.


All I know is I got a picture with the Master Chief from Halo.  Eat your heart out, nerd-buddies.


Anne Hummel said...

The actual Registered Trademark logo guy (in blue shorts) is really one of the most ridiculous logos of them all! I'll bet he was embarrassed to be seen near the illustriousness of Doughboy and Master Chief. Which might explain why you don't have a photo of him....

Annie said...

I saw pictures of the registered trademark logo guy in Express. He was really freaky.