fascinating thoughts

Fascinating piece from an article I'm reading for class:

"This engendering of reading constructed a female reader (of novels in particular) lost in the realm of imagination.  Instead of subjecting her reading to reason and virtue, she was thought to enjoy dangerous illusions through identification with the fictional world."

-Stephan K. Schindler
in The Critic as Pornographer: Male Fantasies of Female Reading in Eighteenth-Century Germany (no, really!)

In other news, lovely Hannah was in town for the weekend, which meant lots of attempts at getting work done, but more happy time with friends.  Also, we barbequed today, as it was nice enough (60s) to cook outside, though not nice enough to eat outside.  

This week brings busy times, including an Election Night Slumber Party, which I'm sure will result in good times by all, but of course, all I can think of is the Election Night in Mad Men, so I will sit, sad that I not dressed nearly as well as Joan, nor being asked to dance by Paul Kinsey. (See here) Regardless!  I'm excited. 

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