oh, what a day

So today was -- as we have heard so often -- a watershed day.  I began it at 5:20 am, woken up by Josh, who shouted something about my civic duty.  After a shower and throwing on clothes that look relatively nice, we headed out the door, as polls here in Virginia open at 6am.  

6:05 am we walked up to our polling place, and there was already a parking lot full of cars, and a line out the door.  Yikes!

walking in the door

You may notice that, from this view, you can see the lines of alphabetical nature that we are standing in the A-G line.  You may also notice that my name begins with an H.   Josh noticed from the beginning, and only told me 10 minutes later.  Fortunately, there was no one really in line, so I was able to switch without much incident.

Inside were more lines:

turning the corner

But that's ok!  It's democracy in action!  Also, we only waited in line for an hour.   Here is my view looking back into the gym, waiting for Josh:

looking back in

All around a success!  After work & class, we headed out to watch the returns.

It was fantastic.   There was so much energy with everyone so excited, and it was great to go somewhere where everyone was all together, this community of believers, if you will, all joined in rapture, watching the screens.   Perhaps especially meaningful because this is the first campaign I feel that I have been invested in from the primaries on.  

I know that that is what you're supposed to do, but I was a bit lukewarm in 00 and [Just kidding, I turned 18 in 2001! -Ed.] 04 and waited until the end to really make a decision, while this election I followed it pretty darn closely from early on.  I had a vested interest, and it was -- although exhausting -- incredibly satisfying.   I feel that I did my civic duty, and stood up and showed that people do care.  Young people care.  They vote!  I voted!

I'm just so very pleased.  I loved Obama's speech (and McCain's as well, actually) and I love that the main idea is action and change.   Not to mention hope.  I hope people still cling to these issues tomorrow, and know that they can be involved and change things.  

I have hope.


Lina said...

I've got the hope! I've caught the bug! I'm with you, this is the first time I have been invested in the process - following polls, canvassing, voting, calling people. It's amazing to have been a part of this historic process...

PS - yay for blogging again!

Anne Hummel said...

What a wonderful experience - to feel empowered and full of hope. May that be your experience every time you vote...

(And I'm proud you figured out the alphabet, too!)

Love, mom

amanda donahue said...

i agree with you 100%. the city here was ecstatic and it was so amazing to be part of something that can, hopefully, change the course of our nation for the better. what an incredible day to witness ! so glad you felt the energy and hope as i did! and SO proud of all the 'young people' that actually do care and did vote.