acceptance is a wonderful thing

Well, I think that is rather self-explanatory.  I'm quite pleased, especially considering I had officially given up all hope of even hearing from American University (the sender of the abovementioned missive), let alone getting in.  

Well.  You only need one acceptance, as they (Mom) say. 

More information and some thoughts on "place" coming up... tomorrow, when I am less bleary-eyed.

But for now: Hooray!


amanda donahue said...

i am so proud of you! congratulations em .. what a wonderful experience ahead of you!

Anne Hummel said...

patience is a lovely thing with big rewards. congratulations! they are lucky to have you...
Love mom

JKB said...

Congratulations to American University! They're lucky to have you choose them. Looking forward to hearing about your newest adventure. Woo-hoo!