summer-time outings

sunset at the stadium
So as a welcome to Summer-time, a few of us headed off to a Washington Nationals game.  I can't remember the last time I've been to a baseball game, but let's get serious, we weren't there for the game.   Weather was great, seats were cheap with a great view, and the food (outsourced from local DC places) was delicious.  We very quickly resolved to make it a monthly (if not bi-weekly) outing.

Here Josh attempts to find something -- I think the velocity of a pop fly -- through geometry and / or  physics:

baseball calculations

Tom is very excited about baseball.  (Not really!)  The light was so pretty, though...

so very excited

The next day, I searched out where my Mom's cousins live, as I had a niggling feeling that it was close to where I'm currently temping.  As it turns out, it is not only close, but officially .4 miles away.  So I walked.  Meandered actually, as I am a fast walker and was afraid I would arrive too soon for supper.

Supper was delicious, and while I have no photos of the boys this time (see: Easter) I managed to play football, soccer, and read Marco 3 bedtime stories, while promising 2 more the next time I came 'round.  Susan said that she should have expected as much, as she sent a self-proclaimed lover of books to read stories... what she didn't count on is that I recognized the books from my childhood, and so was far too excited to read them again!  The official count was:  "The Little Island,"  "My Friend is Sad" (neither of which I had read before, but Island is beautifully illustrated) and "Put Me in the Zoo" (which I had), and I spotted "Each Peach Pear Plum," which I had no memory of until I spotted the cover.

What follows are some pictures of my walk to their house.  So pretty.

leafy walk

grass stairs

sidewalk roses

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