busy little bee flies away

Well, I've been busy as all get-out, and even today, with packing to do, presents to cushion, and a car at 5:07 am, I still managed to stay late in Georgetown, having a delicious dinner at this teeny french restaurant with my good friend Kara.  The weather today was absolutely pitch-perfect for eating outside (70s-ish?) and we were tucked in between two yellow-painted old brick walls under vines.  Gorgeous. 

That being said, it still takes me ages to get home, though I did manage to catch the very, very last bus from the Metro to my house.  Hooray!  However, this means I got in at 10:45 pm.

The important part is: I am home, though leaving for lovely Rhode Island in the morn.  

Posts to follow, probably including the following:
  • travel adventures
  • the significance (unintentional) eating of duck à l'orange & leaving at 5:07, which I will expound upon
  • my walk through Rock Creek Park, two times in two days
  • chess-boxing.  Yes.

Toodle-pip!  I'm off to bed.

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