hanna blocks our road

So today, as some readers may know, is when Tropical Storm Hanna makes her way through the DC area.   Because of this (and the pouring rain) Josh and I decided to adventure.  It was then that we noticed that our street had been closed off.  

We sat and watched cars driving down the road and then suddenly realizing there was a) a torrential flood and b) a cone in the middle of the road and c) caution tape.  It was fantastic, but, curiosity piqued, we ventured further.  Later, we wandered up to where a bridge crosses the creek -- we cross there to get to the Metro -- and the creek was incredibly wide and fast.  Unreal. 

This is looking down the hill (thankfully) from our house.  The creek on one side of the road has overflowed over the road leading into the creek on the other side.

this is why we can't cross our street

Here is the waterfall from the road into the creek.  You can't really tell how high or how fast the water is here, but take our word for it:


Here is the physical proof that we were there - we are standing in some of the "shallower" waters -- which, being said, it was ankle-to-knee deep in the middle of the road, but don't worry Mom, not where it was fast nor very close to any edges.

josh in the street

my feet in the depths

I also hasten to add while it is not evident in these photos, it was pouring the whole time.  We got pretty soaked.  That being said, it was absolutely worth it.

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