if you give a museum studies major a case...

...she'll make a fake art exhibit.  Which is exactly what I did at lunch. 

I took army men, put glitter on parts of them, found a glass case at my desk, and wrote up copy about the exhibit.  Enjoy! 

Close up on one of the soldiers:

close up, soldier 3

The entire installation - note the army man on top, with no glitter, clearly the "outsider" looking in.

assault on masculinity (glitter)

...and finally, the copy.  I made it up, tongue firmly in cheek of course.  Make sure you click on it to read it fully!  Fantastic.  

the copy


amanda donahue said...

amazing i must say.. =)

Mattasaurus said...

I think the soldier on top feels like a heterosexual male in the audience of a Scissor Sisters concert or a Village People concert. He kinda likes it, kinda doesn't, but is not sure why.