one year ago.

How strange it is to realize that today is my one-year anniversary of leaving my last job. It's strange and surreal, and today was rainy and strange anyway, so I suppose it added to it. I can't believe another year -- this time, my 24th -- has passed by, and how much it has been a time in the wilderness and purification by fire.

I started blogging.
I went to Twelfth Night.
I learned how to sew.
I learned how to live on my own.
I learned to be alone.
I learned to love Battlestar Galactica.
I was home for the holidays.
I got a new temporary job.
I went hiking.
I conquered hikes that had conquered me.
I went to the Family Reunion.
I saw old friends.
I ate lots of BBQ.
I line danced, and swung danced.
I travelled.
I biked.
I went to a beach.
I drove a convertible.
I lived alone for 2 weeks.
I went to Class.
I applied to grad school.
I got into grad school.
I read gothic fiction.
I fell in love with DC.
I met new friends.
I moved.
I read.
I cried.
I prayed.
I hoped.
I dreamt.
I learned.

Maybe this doesn't seem like much, but this year has been literally life-changing. It has meant the world to me, and has changed me so much that I'm not sure I recognize myself from a year ago. I've grown so much, in my way of looking at the world, and particularly my faith -- that "ever present help in trouble." It's hard to describe. I thought, in fact, that I would post an eloquent discussion of my changes, but I don't know if it's the place for that. I rather like how it's turned out.

Well, early in the morning, 'bout the break of day
I ask the Lord, "Help me find the way!"
Help me find the way to the promised land--
This lonely body needs a helping hand
I ask the Lord to help me please find the way.

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amanda donahue said...

how wonderful it is to look back and find the ways in which you have changed, grown and become an even more complete version of you. i feel so lucky to know you .. and of course to be related to ya =)