adventures on the streets

So last week, I got a spur-of-the-moment call from my cousin.  She had been in Baltimore this past summer working on Step Up 2: The Streets, which meant that, because she was close by, I actually saw her!   Now, the film is finally done (released yesterday) but she had gotten an invitation to a Cast & Crew Screening in Baltimore, and invited myself & her friend who was an extra.

Honestly I had no idea what to expect -- I vaguely knew the premise of the original (ballet dancer falls for boy from wrong side of the tracks who teaches her to dance) -- but I think the best part was arriving there and hearing everyone's sheer excitement to see her there.  She was pulled away every minute from a dancer, or a grip or the AD -- introductions were passed around, but it really didn't matter.  I didn't need to meet them - the joy was seeing her in her element. 

After the film, we went to the after party where music was blasting, and most of the dancers from the film were freestyling.  It was hypnotic, just to stand in the circle, just watching them move (and knowing I have never moved that coordinated in my entire life) and it was my favorite part of the night, just because I couldn't tear my eyes away.

There's something about the music, and the crowd -- it made me understand that need to dance in the film.  I've always enjoyed dancing -- it's been something I look forward to, but it's never been something that fuels me.  This dance -- this music -- it is what keeps these people going.   It is every fibre of their being.  How magnetic.

Oh, and the film was quite fun, too.  

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