historical preenctment

Today was a mail extravaganza day!  

It was the arrival of my GRE scores, which was a shock not that I didn't know them, but that I had confused them. 

I was in such blissful shock at the original reciept of the scores (directly after the test) that I had assumed the higher number was my Verbal section score.  It was not!  I did better in Math!  This is not to say I did not do well in Verbal -- I am 94% percentile! -- but wow, higher in Math.  Surprising. 

My mailbox also contained my new Historical Preenactment Society shirt.  From this comic of Dresden Codak, a fantastically nerdy webcomic.  

"Because the best history has yet to happen."  I love it.

Now I just have to fill out some questions on my experience with exhibit design, then off to a celebration of a friend passing the bar in Virginia.  

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