les poupées russes

J'ai repensé à toutes les filles que j'avais connues, avec qui j'avais couché, ou même que j'avais seulement désiré. Je me suis dit qu'elles étaient commes des poupées russes. On passe sa vie entière à jouer à ce jeu là, on est curieux de savoir qui sera la dernière. Celle qu'était cachée depuis le début dans toutes les autres. On ne peut pas l'attraper directement. On est obligé de suivre un cheminement, faut les ouvrir, l'une après l'autre en se demandant à chaque fois : "est-ce que c'est elle la dernière?"

[I thought of all the women that I have known, slept with, or those that I have only desired. I said to myself that they are like russian dolls. We pass our entire lives playing this game, curious to know who will be the last. Who will be the tiniest hidden in all the others. But we cannot get her directly. We must follow the path, open them all, one after the other, and ask, each time: is she the last?]

It's more poetic in French.

Just finished watching Les poupées russes, the sequel to one of my favorite films ever, L'auberge espagnole, which is itself a love letter to Barcelona but also a wonderful coming-of-age story of the lead, Xavier.

The film was fine -- all about love, this time around -- but what I loved the most (apart from the writer-as-narrator, because Xavier is so honest) was this monologue from the end. I love that idea of opening up russian dolls, one after another, until finally reaching that person you've been waiting for.

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PaT said...

It's funny to found what I was looking for on a foreign blog! I loved the last monologue of "Les poupées russes" too, it reminds me of certain feelings...
Anyway, nice blog! :)

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