a new hope

Today, I went out with a group of friends that I realize I should spend more time with, because every time (once I drag myself into the city!) I end up having a fantastic time.  

Tonight, what was going to be a trip to a piano bar in Georgetown turned into a night of Teaism (delicious tea & jasmine crème brulée!), then playing this game with chips that involved standing in kung-fu stances (the burn!), then sitting around and talking about nerdy things.  I forget how much fun it is to talk with fellow nerds!  It also brings to mind how much of a hermit I've been recently, how I've been remiss on seeing the few people that I actually do know that live in the city. 

The worst part of it is, the people that now live in close (ish) proximity to me -- and by that, I mean the Washington DC Metropolitan Area -- are people that I absolutely adore.  They are some of my closest friends from college, and one of my best friends that studied abroad with me in France.  There is no feasible reason that we should not all get together, and frequently.  

I am hosting an Oscar party on the 24th.  I am inviting everyone.  Not everyone, but the friends that I love and cherish, from Williamsburg to Gettysburg and in-between.  It's a chance for everyone to meet, 
which always excites me, and another excuse to see everyone again.

What's quite fun is that I met a new nerd-friend.  I've met him before (see: previous gatherings with abovementioned crowd) but tonight we really clicked.  Old movies, nerd-ery, all of it -- but the best part was him saying that he felt that he was alone in thinking the first (and by that we mean fourth) Star Wars film to be the best.  Of course, I have always loved A New Hope, and I chirped up that absolutely, without a doubt, it is my favorite.

He looked at me across the table, agape, but in a good way.  He had this look of absolute awe and wonder on his face -- I had clearly shocked him, but in the way that he seemed delighted that I had.   

This is what I love about fellow nerds.  Perhaps it's because I am always so delighted to find those that share my love of nerd-ery that I hold close to my heart.  There's always that sense of wonder & incredulity that you could not have imagined that someone else could love this as much as you do.  

Of course, I'm the exact same way about books.  Anyone read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

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