a bit of chinatown, a wedding, and lots of friends

Day 3 & 4 of San Francisco have passed by in a bit of a blur.  

Day 3 we spent the morning wandering around Chinatown, buying tchotchkes and eating the most delicious potstickers at a restaurant called, understandably, The Pot Sticker.  

This day being the wedding, our sightseeing was cut relatively short, as I dolled up, looking like some sort of 50s housewife, and headed out.  I had seamed stockings!  Made it down to Palo Alto, and to the church, almost running over half the groomsmen in the process (not really).

Perhaps the best part of the ceremony was, after the vows, Eric's old a cappella group from Stanford sang a hymn, and something with the way their voices just soared in the space -- I've talked about how this idea of harmony has been coming up, and that was the pitch-perfect example.  

Writing about it now, I'm incredulous that this wedding actually happened.  There was this feeling of the end of my childhood -- I simply adored Eric all throughout high school, so to now see him married (to a wonderful woman) is the first major sign that we all are, in fact, growing up.   Well, some of us.  I was seated at the reception with some old friends,  a new friend, and an old boyfriend, all of whom I cherish, and haven't seen in ages.  It was, again, like the last salute to our childhood & a sign of us growing-up, in a way that seems fitting.

So to end it, I submit our signatures - some faked, excuse us, but only 3 of us were in London - of our characters of Infernal Gaslamp, in the guest book at 221B Baker Street.   These are the people I was so excited to see at the wedding, these are the ones that I will always hold close.

The game is afoot, the Infernal Gaslamp burns & set your watches to 5:07!

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Natalie said...

Oh Emily. I like you so much. I'm so glad you were there, and I can't wait to see you again.