wedding extravaganza & road to damascus

Well, my good friend Sara got invited to the wedding of one of her best friends, but everyone she knew was in the bridal party, so invited me along as her +1.

I love road trips, so I was completely game.  (see: left! taken today)

However, I was quickly stymied.  As I left the gas station, I got a flat tire.   To set the scene, I quickly add that it was pouring rain.  As I opened the door to inspect the tire, I could hear the hissing from the opposite side of the car.  Yep, it was that bad of a flat. 

So, as any girl would do (oh, wait), I whipped out my jack, spare tire, and wrenches to change this tire.  In the rain. 

Halfway through, my thumb, which I had sliced open the night before, begins to bleed.  I then attempt to jack the car up with one hand turning the jack, which (clearly) did not work too well.  Then I ended up bleeding all over the tire, while kneeling in inch deep water, completely soaking my pants, and realizing that my shirt is completely stuck to my back with all the rain. 

It was...trying.  Certainly a much-needed lesson in patience (and refresher course on tire-changing).

the road to damascus
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We headed out to Philadelphia, and arrived at the wedding, looking quite "fierce."  The ceremony itself was nice, and afterwards we headed back across Pennsylvania, through what may have been some of the scarier clouds I have driven through.  Not tornado-green, but let's say we would not have been surprised if something like that formed!

On my drive back home, I had the chance -- in search of a Starbucks -- to take an exit I've always wanted to take. I've enclosed a photo I've taken before (also: daytime). It's a road to Damascus. The Religion major in me loves it. I did not get blinded or change my faith or things of that nature this time, but just taking it made me smile.

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