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"Would anyone else like to profess their undying love to me?  Thank you.  Get in line." -Sara W.

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Ah, romance.  Apparently not only not dead, but completely and utterly skewed.   The esteemed Sara W. from Gettysburg has joined my blogroll, with her blog: next time wipe your mouth before you lie to my face - a long title, but behind it a fantastic story about a cannoli!  Sara, like me, appreciates a good (& awkward) story, and as she's a server currently, she racks them up.  

It has been a week of proposals of love.  Sara has gotten a few -- one of which I watched via iChat! -- and Claire was proposed to via me, by an acquaintance who had gotten a look at her art.  Claire mistook the proposal for a proposal for art, which scared her (as she's full up preparing for her own senior show) but fortunately it was merely undying love.

Let's add to this that I have been invited as a +1 to a yet another wedding where I do not know the couple.  I was invited, and I quote, like this:  "Well, the best man is an old boyfriend of mine, and I know how you like awkward moments, so..." 

Swear.  Of course I said yes!  Apparently I am some sort of go-to person for this. 

Of course, this weekend I have a wedding for which I have actually received an invitation for - that of my very good friend Eric (who blogs, too, and has for ages!)    This means I've added more thoughts on marriage in my (kind-of-daily) study of the Lesson, in preparation for the wedding.  Eric has always been one of the most spiritual men I know, and his insights are astounding.   Because of that, I've been really focusing on this clear idea of love as my prayers for their upcoming wedding and life together. 

Mary Baker Eddy devoted a whole chapter on marriage (fortunately) so I have quite a bit to work with, but I love her ideas of masculine and feminine qualities uniting to create completeness. 

"These different [masculine & feminine] elements cojoin naturally with each other, and their true harmony is in spiritual oneness.  Both sexes should be loving, pure, tender, and strong. " -S&H p. 57

I like the end.  It's so simple, and I like that those four qualities are the overlap between the masculine & feminine, because they're not necessarily qualities we ascribe to both sides, and I think what MBE is saying here is that we should remember that.  There's also this element of harmony, which has been coming up in my reading recently, and I love that idea that a couple is coming together harmoniously, like notes in a chord.

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