365 - putting on the slipper

365 - slipper

Today was my last big day of errands before Japan. I bought shoes for trekking around and they're like walking on air. I love them. At this point, though, I'm still in denial (and I'm sure will remain so until I am quite literally on the plane en route). I found out today that our flight is flight #1, which amuses me greatly -- and harkens back to the trans-Atlantic Pan Am London - New York flights, which were #1 and #2 respectively. I love that.

I bought body wash that reminds me of Hawaii, a new carryon bag, and tiny carryon bottles. Thrilling, really. Now it's on to 2.5 days of work, class, and finding an apartment in the meantime. I shall be a busy, busy bee.

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pat.d said...

all my v australia flights are 1 and 2 respectively and i thought the exact same thing.