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7.4.09 - snake whiskey

Apparently, he asked for it for Christmas.

It's snake-infused whiskey from Thailand. Apparently, a cobra with a vine snake in its mouth. Unreal. Sadly, the only photo I took last night from a fabulous Fourth of July BBQ in the city. Not photos of the delicious bacon-wrapped-shrimp, no photos of Nick's adorable dog Eva, no photos of the 10 different fireworks shows we could see from the hills of Fort Reno (one of the old forts to defend the city), but a photo of snake whiskey.

You'll have that, I suppose.

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snake ? said...


Do you know where to find different chinese medecine as Snake wine ? I already bought this one:

But I am now looking for different types of natural medecine (for example with LIZARD inside the bottle).
Thanks for help.

(by the way I found your website on Google when looking for Snake wine bottles)