365 - take 3, take 2

365 - more apollo

My Apollo glass arrived today! It is making friends with its cousin, my Apollo whisky bottle ($25, best purchase ever). It makes me wonder how many drinking vessels in the shape of space vehicles there are -- not to mention the fact that their shape does not lend themselves to drinking, necessarily. Note that the Command Module on the bottle is removable, and it nonexistent on the glass. Intriguing.

365 - stairs

The stairs in my good friend Leah's new apartment in Petworth. She had a BBQ on Friday -- her apartment is amazing. Paneling!

365 - slurpee

Speaking of apartments, we (the four roommates) went on a whirlwind (ok, 2) tour of apartments today. It was lovely, we had slurpees (as evidenced by Josh's blue lips).

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